The world’s first international multi-rotor racing league.

Earn Points Throughout the Year

Pilots can win Grand Prix points at each race and the pilot with the most points after the last race of the season becomes the AerialGP Champion.

Compete in the World Cup

The AerialGP World Cup format is a series of races for local FPV multi-rotor racing clubs in each country. Pilots must compete in at least 3 races throughout the season to qualify.

Win International Titles

Only the top 3 scores for each pilot will count for the final cup ranking. The AerialGP champion or national cup winner is the pilot who is ranked number one after the final race.

Race Format

An AerialGP multi-rotor race consists of the following flying sessions:


Approximately 2 hours before qualifying. No official time measurement. Practice closed 30 minutes before qualifying. Pilots can decide to enter into the Beginner 250Mini, Pro Super Mini or Open Class categories at this time.


Heats will be conducted according to classes, and the fastest lap times will advance to the Semifinals. Sufficient time should be scheduled to accommodate the number of pilots. If too many are registered, there must be a limit to save time for the Semifinals and Finals. If time is allotted, the races can be broken up into 2 days (Practice/Race Day 1, and Semifinals/Finals Day 2).
Top 16 will advance to the Semifinals

Primaries  |  Top 16

4 groups 4 pilots one head per group. The fastest lap and completion of the race get ranked 1 through 16 positions and advance to A Finals (top 8) rank points, and B Finals (9-16) no rank points.
4 heats, advance by lap time

A Semifinals  |  Top 8

Secondary ranking heat flies first to determine rankings 5-8. In the future, if frequencies allow all 8 to race at the same time, the top 8 should race at the same time.
2 heats, win by fastest lap and completion of the race

B Semifinals  |  9th-16th Race (no rank points)

Secondary ranking heat flies first. In the future, Raceband will allow all 8 to race at the same time, with heats up to 8 people at a time.
2 heats, win by fastest lap and completion of the race

Finals  |  Top 4

Lap Record holder for the race is also noted throughout the event regardless of finish results.
1 heat, win by fastest lap and completion of the race

Rank (Race) Points

1st: 12 points  |  2nd: 9 points  |  3rd: 7 points  |  4th: 5 points  |  5th: 4 points  |  6th: 3 points  |  7th: 2 points  |  8th: 1 point

This race format can be adapted depending on the amount of pilots who participate. A professional real time timing system AGP Timing system (Hardware / Software) is in development.

If a professional timing system is not available, race officials must have 4 monitors (4 judges) to track penalties and lap times manually.


1. Mini 250 Class (Beginner)

Spec class: Any size until 250mm MTM Diameter
5 inch props, 3s battery

2. Super Mini 330 Class (Pro)

Spec class: Any size up to 330mm MTM Diameter
No restrictions

3. Open Class (Experimentation)

Spec class: Any size up to 700mm MTM Diameter
No restrictions

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