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A fun trial run to promote pit stops!



An all new AerialGP off-season contest.  While you’re stuck somewhere during the holidays dreaming of getting out during pockets of sunshine, get your Pit on, and get ready for 2016!

Rules: Must use a traditional prop nut, and tool of your choice(get creative!).  Propeller and Battery must be fully installed on to your FPV race aircraft that is fully functional.


  1. Point the camera towards your aircraft so we can clearly see your hands and aircraft, make sure it’s well lit!
  2. Your aircraft must be powered on safely.
  3. Show us your Video feed (googles or screen)
  4. Show us your Radio controller that it’s on and connected.
  5. Show us that the equipment (props and battery) is fully installed, and strapped in.
  6. A second set of props and a battery must be ready off to the side.  Must be in view of camera angle!
  7. Put both hands on the table, have a timer ready (Spotter) and in 3,2,1, Go!  Change all the props on your aircraft (minimum 4 motor aircraft) (if you have a hex you’ve given yourself a handicap!) and battery.
  8. Download the Pit Stop Challenge logo (right click save as the above png image) or download at https://imageshack.us/i/p5S1zn8jp and slap it on your video- and post it on our facebook.com/aerialgp wall, share it with your friends.
  9. Entries close Dec 25th 2015, and we will review each one and judge them (we will put a timer on your video!)
  10. Winners will be announced in January, just in time for the 2016 season :).